Metal, tv-parabola, concrete
The polished parabola focuses the sun’s rays on a specific point in front of it (where the teapot it placed), which can reach high enough temperatures to cook and heat food and beverages. In order to use the sculpture’s function as a solar oven the surface of the parabola needs to be directed in a 90° angle towards the sun. The one who wants to use the sculpture as a cooking utensil therefore has to interact with the sculpture and relate to the suns position in the sky. The function of the sculpture is dependent on the sun, which means that the sculpture is rendered dysfunctional during the hours of the day and the days of the year that the sun is not shining in Tromsø.

The sculpture can be rotated on two axes; 360° around its base, so it is possible to direct it towards north, south, east, west and all the places in between, as well as the parabola, from 0°, which means the parabola is in a 90° angle towards the ground, up to 43,8°, the highest position of the sun in Tromsø. There are markings engraved on the sculpture, on the metal base and on the positioning stick which decides the angle of the parabola. This means it’s possible, by aligning the sculpture with the sun, to read its position in the sky.